Clash of the Corps

There is a new docuseries coming out on the tv network Fuse  Wednesday October 5th called Clash of the Corps. The show will be following two well-known drum corps: The Blue Devils and the Cadets as they compete for the Drum Corps International (DCI)  championship. A drum corp is a marching band that competes in competitions, parades, festivals and other functions that call upon them.   The DCI is a major  non-profit marching music  competition.  Drum Corps are known to be very intense and challenging. Those who have been apart of one know of the dedication and many hours required to be apart of one.

Dwayne  “the rock” Johnson, the famous actor, and former wrestler is the executive producer for the docuseries. His production company, Seven Bucks productions is one of the production companies behind the creation of the series. In a statement, Johnson said, “The entertainers have incredible tenacity, drive and a hard-core commitment to excellence. Viewers will be on the edge of their seats seeing who comes out on top” (Wagmeister 2015).

I am very excited to see the show and how it will expose its audience to the world of competitive marching.