Instruments by section

This page lists all of the instruments found in a marching band based on what section they are in.

Woodwinds: Made up of flutes and reed instruments such as clarinets, tenor & alto saxophones, piccolos and bass clarinets.

Brass: Consist of instruments that have valves and slides. The instruments usually found in this section in a marching band  are  Trombone, baritone, mellophone (french horn), trumpet, sousaphone and tuba.

Percussion (aka. The battery):  The percussion are the drum section of the band, but they are a lot more than just drums.  A marching band percussion section consists of snare drums, tenor drums, bass drums,  and cymbals.

Front ensemble (the pit):  The pit is the stationary percussion ensemble.  In a marching band front ensemble you can usually find a timpani, tam-tam, vibraphone, marimba, xylophone and a concert bass drum.