Chicago show to be continued…

The SJSU marching band will perform their Chicago show for a second game at Today's game vs Nevada. Instead of playing in the direction of the alumni, the band will perform in front of the student and guest side. By performing the show twice, the students get an opportunity to actually see the halftime show … Continue reading Chicago show to be continued…



The homecoming game Saturday was filled with many fun surprises and events. Many people came out to watch the homecoming game, but some attended to see the band and even join them.  Over 30 alumni band members attended the game to join the SJSU marching band in the stands and support them as they performed … Continue reading Homecoming!


Yesterday the San Jose State Spartan marching band performed their first halftime show at the football game against Portland State.  The halftime show involved songs such as: Baby I'm a star by prince, and the famous Procession of the Spartans.  The band was pumped up throughout the morning and afternoon.  Many touchdowns allowed the band … Continue reading Touchdown!